Monday, 27 June 2011

Kyosho KF01 GPX Video A-Main Final

Kyosho Japan has released a video recording of the final competition of the A-Main F-GPX for a Formula KF01 cars scale 1 / 10. The race was held at the track RC GARAGE ROUTE 246 in Kanagawa, where the podium in first place Takuya Ito (Team CRTA), followed by Yukihisa Sato (RC Planning R246) in second position and Motokazu Fukushima (Team ASCII) in the third.


Video: RC Rally Cechovka 08

Source/Fonte: mptasek @ Youtube

Sunday, 19 June 2011

dNaNo F1 from SRC Circuit

 Looks Beautiful, doesn't it ? :-) Well done guys!! Again! :-)
Source/Fonte: SRC Circuit

Aluminum vs Plastic dNaNo Wheel hubs

Source/Fonte: SRC Circuit

Kyosho Masters 2011 - Results

League Class Winners
 Expert Class Winners
 Elite Class Winners
 Truggy Class Winners
 Buggye EP Class Winners

After the Kart now it's the dNaNo F1 Body Shell

Source/Fonte: SRC Circuit & Jimuyan Revolution Blog

Camera Buggy @ Masters 2011


Jerôme Aigoin Truggy Qualifying @ Masters 2011


More Videos from Kyosho Masters France 2011


Kyosho iPhone Controlled Heli @ Tokyo Hobby Show 11