Saturday, 14 June 2014

More Pictures from Kyosho Masters @ RC94 France

Source: Philippe Carandi

Will Kyosho be available through Tower Hobbies again?!?

Will we be seeing Kyosho being sold again at Great Planes & Tower Hobbies this summer?
See Picture above for the results returned by a search for "Kyosho" at Tower Hobbies today :)
Source: Tower Hobbies

Video from Q2 @ Kyosho Masters France 2014

Franck Lemke Q2 Masters 2014. See Video Below!
Source: Franck Lemke

More Pictures from Kyosho Masters France 2014

Source: Philippe Carandi

16th Kyosho Masters @ RC94 Sucy-en-Brie, France

Source: Kanai

Concours d'Elegance @ Kyosho Masters France 2014

Source: Kanai

16th edition of the Kyosho Masters @ RC94 France

 To me, this is the most beautiful multi-surface off-road track in the World!
Looking forward to be there someday :D
Source: Philippe Carandi

Kanai's MP9 @ Kyosho Masters France 2014

Source: Kanai

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Kyosho-dNaNo Store is going out of business

kyosho dnano fans will be closing it's doors (online & offline) permanently on june 30, 2014. any customers with pending out of stock items will receive a full refund shortly. if you'd like to place a final order now, please use coupon code 'CLOSEOUTSALE' on check out for 60% off your total order (minimum order 30USD).

Thursday, 5 June 2014

The Amazing Mini-Z Race: 24h de Mulsanne

Last weekend in Mulsanne, France, Club Mulsanne hosted the 24h of Mulsanne in the spirit of the 24h of Le Mans thats happening this month :) 

You guys won't believe the amount of details these guys put together to replicate a Mini Scale Le Mans race, from "rain" to bad weather and night race, simply amazing! The winning team completed over 4800 Laps around the track! Good Job Guys!! :D

Source: Pascal Remy, Zcm Mulsanne, David Letorey