Thursday, 5 June 2014

The Amazing Mini-Z Race: 24h de Mulsanne

Last weekend in Mulsanne, France, Club Mulsanne hosted the 24h of Mulsanne in the spirit of the 24h of Le Mans thats happening this month :) 

You guys won't believe the amount of details these guys put together to replicate a Mini Scale Le Mans race, from "rain" to bad weather and night race, simply amazing! The winning team completed over 4800 Laps around the track! Good Job Guys!! :D

Source: Pascal Remy, Zcm Mulsanne, David Letorey
 Track Preparation

Day Time Race
Bad weather conditions
Wet conditions... Silicone tyres 40 Front and 20 Rear for about 10 minutes after come back to foam tyres.
Going into the night...


 Team RC Orange wins with over 4800 laps!
Well done guys! Congratulations to all who participated in this awesome event!

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