Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Kanai GoPro MP9 Buggies

Source: Kanai

MP9 Selected Parts Set (IFW452) By Kanai

Contents of IFW452 
  • IF415             Brake Rotor (30mm/MP9)
  • IF423H          Hard Rear Lower Sus. Arm (L、R/MP9)
  • IFW406          Hard Front Upper Sus. Holder (R/Gunmetal/MP9)
  • IFW426          Aluminum AMB Holder (MP9 TKI3)
  • IFW427          Titanium Screw Set (MP9 TKI3)
  • IFW428           Switch Plate (Standard/Gunmrtal/MP9 TKI3)
  • IFW440-28  Titanium Front Upper Rod (5x28mm/2pcs/MP9)
  • IFW440-38  Titanium Rear Upper Rod (5x38mm/2pcs/MP9)
  • IFW441-46  Titanium Steering Rod (4x46mm/2pcs/MP9)
  • IFW442-36  Ti Steering Servo Rod (3x36mm/1pc/MP9)
  • IFW445           Aluminum Wing Stay Mount (Gunmetal/MP9)
Source: Kanai

dNaNo "Red Fury" 360 Modena (Race Spec)

Source: nanotrax

Mini-Z AWD Front Arm Suspension Set (F.A.S.S)

Source: X-Power RC

Kyosho Masters France 15th Edition

Source: Kyosho

Kyosho Nexxt Leopard Brushless Mod

Source: aozoramasato @ Youtube

Custom Painted Mini-Z Ferrari 458 Alitalia

Source: Pa Txi & BMZ Bilbaomini-z

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Mini-Z "Coupe de France 2013" Track View

Source: Matthieu Bianchin

Mini-Z CUP Japan GT Class Pictures

Source: Mini-Z Official

Mini-Z CUP Japan dNaNo Class Pictures

Source: Mini-Z Official

Mini-Z CUP Japan F1 Class Pictures

Source: Mini-Z Official

Mini-Z CUP Japan Streaming Live Now!

Source: Kyosho TV on UStream

Mini-Z CUP Japan @ Nissan Gallery HQ

Source: Mini-Z Official

Friday, 15 February 2013

dNaNo Setup Sheet

This Setup sheet was created by one of our Blog Readers, Eric. According to him,
he couldn't find one so he created his own :-) Awesome Job Eric! 
Source: Eric

Friday, 8 February 2013

Flying Laps with Elliott Boots @ Montpellier GP

Damn! I get excited just watching it!
How does he manages to get away with all that? :-) 
Absolutely Awesome!
Source: TeamMiniZ @ Youtube

Custom Mini-Z Fiat Abarth "Williams F1" Themed

Source: dream MINI-Z&dNaNo RC CAR ZONE

Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKI 3 SpecA Factory Assembled

"Inferno MP9 Spec A (pre-assembled Kit) is now ready. Expert Staff (who knows has lot of know-how of car) make an assemble for MP9 Spec A. So ready for race after install the radio and painting body. I (Yuichi Kanai) also check the QC (Quality Control) for car!"
Source: Kanai

New MP9 Aluminum Hex Servo Saver Nut IFW 447

Source: Kanai