Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Stop the Press! New Mini-Z MA-020 + Red Chrome Lambo + Lot's more!

Source: RC.P.SANDA Blog

¥ 25,200 ~ AWD MA-020 chassis list price
I adopt a new front suspension of know-how gained in the MR-03!
The optimized parts recombination front tread of narrow and wide!

※ BRZ (11 month) Citroen only (December) gyro drift with tire

■ 16590 円 Minute Sports MR-03 Ready Set list price
The adoption of the transmitter (Minute Moto Racer comes, the KT-19.
There is no compatibility of radio waves as the MINI-Z Racer existing, gyro also not be installed.
For new users in the (equivalent to 02EX) low price .... ? ? )

■ KYOSHO JKB86 50th Anniversary Edition
The limited release, respectively (MR-03VE, Sports Minute, the auto scale
December, auto scale list price 4725 yen)

■ Lamborghini Jota SVR Red chrome auto scale
(List price 4725 yen December 50th Anniversary Limited Edition)

■ Audi R8 LMS white auto scale
(List price 3990 yen NEW color in November)

■ MR-03 Brushless Conversion Set
In addition a great deal than the (purchased separately, the normal motor specification
Eco motor (NEW) specification is also available. ¥ 15,540 each list price in November

■ Perfex KT-18 Black 9
There are currently no detailed image of the MA-020 chassis, but it will have to create the front suspension of certain overseas maker.

To MR-03VE, it is that easy to handle in an optimal power "eco motor" that added, but, do you Aru dropping power how.

New users aim, it is MR-03 Mini-Z Racer sports series, but the transmitter thing therefore of Minute bike for use because of the different frequency, the development of not the transmitter. I feel unfortunately something is not null and. . .

The body, JKB86 looks good decoration to have been well reproduced.
Chrome Red Lamborghini Jota, perfect for collection!

(translated w/ Google Translator)


Unknown said...

when the ma-020 will be released ?

Unknown said...

when will be the MA-020 released ?

Unknown said...

those red labels says they'll be out in november

Unknown said...

those red labels says these items will be out in november