Monday, 30 May 2011

Special Friction Shock for Mini-Z Honda HSV-010

A prototype HSV-010 body (test shot) arrived!
Daido: "Finally! I need to make a test run right now!"
As a development team member, I have a privilege to try every brand-new Mini-Z body before anybody else. As soon as a prototype body arrives, I do a fitting test and crash test to make sure the body meets the standard. Like always, I ran to a test track and did a very strict test on the HSV body.

And, I was about to give an OK!....... NO, wait!

Suddenly Fukumoto showed up.
Fukumoto:"The nose of this car looks very low and long, isn't it?" he said.
Daido: "Really!?"
Fukumoto: "Let's try putting a friction shock and see the clearance!"
We immediately installed a friction shock.
Daido: "Mmmm...!"

The nut fastening the oil shock touches the body a little bit...

This is not good because when you make a big crash, the nut might break the body....

Should we modify the shape of the body?.... No, we need to maintain this perfect shape...

Daido: "All right. I'll manage to do without changing the shape!"

From this day on, I have been struggling to solve this issue day after day..."

And, Ta-dah! Friction Shock Set for HSV-010 is going to be released!

The differences between this and the standard one (MZW411) are as follows:
1. There is an extra hole on the aluminum stay. The shock post is mounted using this new hole.

2. Friction base plate is the same as the 3L wheelbase type.

3. The screw on the front end of the oil shock is used upside down. And the screw is the flat-head type.

Please take a look at how it is installed in a chassis.

No worries, guys! There is enough clearance.

And, important info. Because the position of the oil shock will be shifted 4mm to the rear side when you use this friction shock, The rear end of the oil shock might touch some bodies such as Ferrari Enzo. So, I recommend you use this friction shock with the HSV body only.

The performance of the HSV-010 is super. I hope you'll try one soon. And remember to use this friction shock when you want to upgrade your chassis!

Source/Fonte: Daido @ Mini-Z & dNaNo News flash!!

Kyosho ST-RR EVO Truggy is coming this Summer...

As I have already announced on a previous post, see below, the NEW Kyosho EVO Truggy is set to be released this summer!! Click Here to see the Previous Post.

Source/Fonte: Kyosho

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Kyosho MP9 WC Arms Available

Kyosho has just released their all new MP9 WC arms. These arms are molded with extra material aroung the hinge pin holes, as well as extra ribbing on the front of the arm around the sway bar mounts to increase durability. Designed to fit the entire MP9 family, these new arms are available now!