Monday, 30 July 2012

N.I.A. Hungaroring GP (*)

(*) Special thanks to our readers who got my mistake :-)
Source/Fonte: Friction Circle Blog

Atomic Aluminum Wheels for the Mini-z MotoRacer

I received a set of Atomic’s new wheels for the Mini-Z Moto. I hadn’t put much thought around it but I realized that these are in fact aluminum wheels while the stock Mini-z Moto wheels are cast out of a heavier metal. On a Mini-Z, switching to an aluminum wheel you rarely end up saving weight. Would the weight savings translate to lower rotational mass and quicker acceleration? Would a motorcycle’s handling greatly be impacted by lower the weight of the wheels? Let’s find out!
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Source/Fonte: Big Squid RC

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Mini-Z Quick Change Rear Wheel Nut

In cooperation with Reflex Racing, MC3 and Reflex Racing have created the "Quick Change Rear Wheel Nut".

Basically, the wheel nut allows for a quick swap of rear wheels between sides to alleviate uneven tire wear, which can be accomplished easily and quickly between racing heats.

This product is for use on the axle side (non-gear side)
that normally uses a plastic bushing and requires use of a 3x6x2.5mm bearing to work.

There are additional benefits as well such as:

- rim and bearing will last longer as you are no longer popping the bearing in/out of the rim
- integrated wheel nut- say goodbye to lost wheel nuts (note- need to put threadlock on diff shaft)
- engineered to let bearings run smoothly; no pressure on inner race
Source/Fonte: MC3 Canada

Mini-Z Moto Practice Videos Vols. 1 to 5

Source/Fonte: Kyosho @ Youtube

Audi R8 LMS x Honda HSV-010

Source/Fonte: RC.P.SANDA Blog

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Tebo's 2WD Kyosho Prototype Buggy

"Jared is doing some testing for the team this weekend and we noticed his 2wd Buggy is completely different than what the rest of the team is running… At this time we aren’t allowed any body off shots…"

Source/Fonte: RC Incider @ Vimeo

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

DBX 2.0 VE Brushless Electric Off-Road Racer

Source/Fonte: Kyosho @ Youtube

Inferno GT2 Race SPEC Ceptor - GP & RS VE

The Next Generation Of Performance!
Source/Fonte: Kyosho

New Kyosho DRX VE 2010 Ford Fiesta S2000

Source/Fonte: Kyosho

New Kyosho Big K Pit Mat Red

Be the first to grab the latest Kyosho pit area accessory. The new Big K Pit Mat RED, fits all 10th – 8th scale vehicles with its big 2x4 feet size.
Source/Fonte: Kyosho

New DRX VE Subaru Impreza WRC 2008

Realistic scale long wheelbase dimensions combine with Kyosho’s proven fulltime 4WD drive train powered by an ORION KV2400 sensorless brushless motor and Vortex R10 Sports ESC equipped with a constant cooling fan. Combined with the ultra realistic 1/9 scale body, the aggressive driving characteristics make the nearest R/C off-road course, or even tarmac, gravel or parking lot your next rally stage setting. Just about everything you need is packaged in a fully assembled Readyset chassis, including the 2.4GHz KT-200 R/C system that automatically manages frequency band allocation and features dual-rate setting and a failsafe function (optional setting) that slows the throttle if radio signal is lost. 
Source/Fonte: Kyosho

Custom Mini-Z F1 Force India

Source/Fonte: Yupigu2000 Blog

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Mini-Z Buggy Chassis Protection Skid Plate Cover

- Effectively reinforce front part of chassis
- Prevents chassis breakage and increase chassis strength
- S.S. reinforced lightweight design
- Direct fit with no custom modification involved
- Perfectly shaped lower cover which retains and stabilizes factory caster angle setting
- Securely holds steering ti-rods in place
Source/Fonte: Mini-Z Racer Forum

12 Mini-Zs bound to a single 2.4GHz Controller

Source/Fonte: Raqdiconboys @ Youtube

Mini-Z Ducati Team Desmosedici GP11 No.46

Source/Fonte: Mini-Z & dNaNo News flash!!