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Kyosho Finishes 4th and 7th @ Argentina Worlds

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Only 2 out of 6 Kyosho Cars made it to the Final!

are the only Kyosho MP9s left in Argentina Worlds 2012
Final will start in 20 minutes!

Pic of Boots Flipping on the Beginning of Semi-Final


Cody King is in, Tebo & McBride are out!

Ronnefalk is in the Final!

Breaking 'Sad' News: Boots is out on the Semi-Final

Boots is out after contact w/ another driver on the right side jumps!
The Worlds TQ will not be on the Final!

King Advances to Semi-Finals @ Argentina

Defending World Champion Cody King will progress to the Semi-final after the American scraped through from his 1/4 Final just ahead of Serpent’s Billy Easton.  Having bumped up from the early 1/8 final which he won, the Kyosho driver had a terrible start to the 30-minute encounter as his MP9 ended up on its roof leaving him last of the 12 car field as he needed marshaling.

Cody King Moves Up to the 1/4 Finals @ Argentina

The final day of the 14th 1:8 Offroad World Championships has arrived and getting the day underway was the 1/8 Finals with the biggest news from the two 30-minute encounters being that defending World Champion Cody King, who ended up in the 1/8 B final after qualifying in which he ended up in 38th, will progress to the 1/4 Finals.

The Kyosho/Orion driver had a slow start to the race but worked his way to the front to eventually take the win ahead of the Serpent of pole position starter Billy Easton. The same race saw the end of the event for 2006 World Champion Mark Pavidis who finished 5th.

In the earlier 1/8 A Final German Kyosho driver Carsten Keller took a comfortable win ahead of Australian TLR driver Craig Laughton who started from pole.

Kanai is out of the Worlds in Argentina!

Sadly for all of us, Kyosho Fans, Yuichi Kanai who had bumped up from the 1/32 B Final
did not made it the 1/16 B Final. 

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Friday 7th Pictures - Lower Finals @ Worlds in Argentina


Huge Whip from Elliot Boots Q4 IFMAR Worlds 2012

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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Chassis Focus – Elliott Boots Inferno MP9 TKI 3

Chassis Name – Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKI 3
Engine – Novarossi Plus .21-4BTTS
Tires – AKA
Radio/Servos – Sanwa
Remarks – Worlds Top qualifier Elliott Boots is running a standard Kyosho Inferno MP9 with the only small change for this event being a new harder material used in the rear lower wishbones. The newly crowned British National Champion is running a similar setup to that used back at home which utilizes softer springs to help cope with the bumpy conditions, something he has experience of racing on back home.


Under the Hood of Kyosho Drivers' MP9s @ Worlds '12


Argentina 2012 Worlds Top 16 Semi Finalists

Kyosho’s Elliott Boots has claimed the honour of Top Qualifier for the 14th 1:8 Offroad World Championship after the much anticipated and talked about heavy rain arrived over night in Argentina forcing the cancellation of the sixth & final round of qualifying.  Waking to a wet morning in Buenos Aires drivers made their way to the track in the hope that they may get to run today but shortly after 09:00 local time even more torrential rain along with thunder & lightning arrived leaving organisers little option but to cancel today’s racing.

The cancellation means qualifying has been called on each driver’s best three runs from the five rounds that did get run with Q3 & 5 pace setter Boots taking the overall TQ honours from Warm-up Race winner Robert Battle, the European set to line up on pole position for their respective Semi finals on Saturday ahead of American aces Ty Tessmann and Jared Tebo.  Boots TQ, the 19-year becoming the first British driver to take the honour, is the second consecutive TQ for defending champions and the sports most winning manufacturer Kyosho who in Thailand topped qualifying with Tebo.

Reigning World Champion Cody King ended qualifying in 38th position and so will start out his title defence from the 1/8th finals.

Top 16 (Semi finalists)
1. Elliott Boots – Kyosho/Novarossi – 542 pts
2. Robert Battle – Mugen/Novarossi – 541
3. Ty Tessmann – HB/OS Speed – 448
4. Jared Tebo – Kyosho/Orion – 446
5. Ryan Maifield – Associated/LRP – 445
6. Lee Martin – Mugen/Novarossi – 441
7. Yannick Aigoin – Associated/nVision – 438
8. Kyle McBride – Kyosho/Novarossi – 437
9. Davide Tortorici – Mugen/Bliss – 434
10.Martin Bayer – Xray/LRP – 433
11.Jerome Aigoin – Kyosho/Novarossi – 429
12.Atsushi Hara – HB/OS Speed – 428
13.David Ronnefalk – Kyosho/Orion – 426
14.Josh Wheeler – Xray/OS Speed – 424
15.Taylor Petersen – Mugen/Alpha – 423
16.Renato Tradardi Jr – Associated/Novarossi – 418

Worlds TQ Elliott Boots/MP9 Interview

Source: NeoBuggyTV@ Youtube

Thursday Wet Thursday @ Worlds in Argentina

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Boots/MP9 is Argentina Worlds TQ!

Qualifying at the 2012 Worlds ended in a dramatic anticlimax, initial impressions of the track this morning were good, but a serious soaking at 9AM saw it saturated with water and things looked bleak for those outside the top 16 after 5 rounds. The organisers sent the track crew out to tentatively work on trying to prep the track for some form of racing and it was heard that any racing today would have to be started by 4:30PM in order to finish at a reasonable hour.

IFMAR held a couple of meetings at midday and it was concluded to scrap the final qualifying round and use the three from five rounds count, the result is TQ going to the Kyosho/Novarossi/AKA driver Elliott Boots. It breaks the trend of three TQs going to US drivers ('10 Tebo, '08 Truhe & '06 Pavidis) and thus the first European since Yannick Aigoin in 2004 to TQ. Elliott will be hoping to repeat Mark Pavidis' heroics from 2006, the only man in recent history to manage to convert his TQ into a World Championship win, judging by Elliott's historical Q5 run where he blitzed the rest of the field by a 13 sec margin he's in a good position come Saturday.

Amazing Video from Elliott Boots Q4 Flying Laps!

Notice how Boots comes flying past Maifield! Impressive! Also check Boots mistake at the end of Q4 and the slow Marshall that costed him TQ in that Round.
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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Wednesday 5th Pictures @ Worlds in Argentina


4 Kyosho Drivers on the Top 12 Overall Ranking!

Overall Ranking based on 3 of 5:

1. Elliot Boots – 452 pts
2. Robert Battle – 451
3. Ty Tessmann – 448
4. Jared Tebo – 446
5. Ryan Maifield – 445
6. Lee Martin – 441
7. Yannick Aigoin – 438
8. Kyle McBride – 437
9. Davide Tortorici – 434
10.Martin Bayer – 433
11. Jerome Aigoin – 429
12. Atsushi Hara – 428


Boots MP9 steals the show in Q5 @ Argentina

The unorthodox decision to hold the 5th and penultimate round of quali came yesterday but Elliott Boots will be thanking the organisers as he doubled up his TQ tally having been denied Q4 by a slow marshall. Karma balanced itself as Elliott put in a qualifying run that will surely go down in history, TQ’ing by a pretty competition crushing 13 seconds over Team Associated driver, Ryan Maifield.

The track changed quite a bit throughout the three rounds of qualifying, deteriorating significantly in Q4 as laptimes started rising it was a close run thing that Elliott Boots made it a hat trick of TQs today but for his slow marshal. Nonetheless a slightly improved day at the 2012 Worlds, one of the main reasons being the lack of expected rain, marshalls now wearing high viz jackets and a track that has turned from being a flat out cornerspeed challenge to a track that will bite you if you don’t pay attention, Boots may not top the overalls, but he’s laid down a challenge to catch him if anyone can. One qualifier remains, Q6 to be run tomorrow if the weather holds up, watch this space.

Boots said his MP9 was really good adding that he is gelling more and more with the track as it gets more bumpy. Having not done the Warm-up Race the British driver doesn’t have the same experience of the track as it deteriorates but he said on a few occasion enroute to becoming British National Champion he ran on tracks where the surface was similar to now and that this suits his driving. Describing the track surface as like ‘the Moon’ when asked how it was for Q5, Boots said his run could have been faster but he had trouble passing Maifield who in turn had trouble passing Xray’s Renaud Savoya. Not wanting to get caught up in with either buggies the 19-year-old with advice from his pitman Mike Craddock backed up until the pair sorted things out which he said cost him in total around 4 seconds. Asked about Q6, Boots said he would wait to see what the rain does but should it stay dry he will run the same set-up and again using AKA’s medium compound iBeam.
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Bad Marshalling costs Elliott Boots Q4 TQ!

Q4 should have gone the way of Elliott Boots had it not been for a snail like marshal, costing him in the region 15 secs on the last lap, he had already lost 5 secs the previous lap yet still ended up 7th overall, he is probably overdue the title of fastest man on track as a result.

Boots Q3 TQ Interview @ Worlds in Argentina

Source: NeoBuggyTV @ Youtube

Boots back on Top in Q3 @ Worlds in Argentina

British Champion Elliott Boots made it three top qualifiers from three rounds as he held off fellow TQ'ers Robert Batlle and Ty Tessmann who would finish 2nd and 3rd in the round respectively. The young Brit went fastest on a track that many are starting to struggle on, reflected by the TQ time ever so slightly slower than Q2 yesterday. In p10 Jared Tebo, had it not been for a crash he would have been higher up. Jerome Aigoin 14th happy despite being very close to TQing at least one round yesterday, suffering from a crash on the last lap and the marshal flaming him out. 

Team Kyosho News from Qualifying Day 1 @ Argentina

Despite the lost time in Q1 due to mistakes, Tebo was very happy with his second qualifier, the American saying he ‘kept it clean this time’.  Running AKA Impact tyres on his Orion powered MP9 the Top Qualifier at the 2010 Worlds in Pattaya, said his buggy felt really good and everything worked really well and he declared himself ‘ready for tomorrow’.  Kyosho/Orion team-mate & defending World Champion Cody King also had a better second qualifier as he managed to set the 8th fastest time.  Running Proline’s X2 Blockade he said small adjustments to the set-up made the buggy a lot better but the big improvement came from his driving.  Planning to switch to the Bowtie tyre, which Tessmann used to good effect, for tomorrow’s Q3 King said he will also try Kyosho’s new hub weights which he said should help the buggy to settle a little better and reduce the aggressiveness of the steering.
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Tuesday 4th Pictures @ Worlds in Argentina


Monday, 3 December 2012

Monday 3rd Pictures @ Worlds in Argentina


Elliott Boots in controlled Practice

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Boots MP9 reigns supreme in Worlds Practice

Having edged out TLR's young protege Dakotah Phend in CP1, Elliott Boots switched from AKA's Moto tyre to the more conventional CityBlock and went a whole tenth of a second faster over the 5 min timed period, although on for a better time, a tangle with a backmarker saw him drop a few seconds, today the young Brit seemed to have an answer for anything thrown at him, although with thunderstorms expected tomorrow as qualifying gets underway no one knows what to expect. Up to that point Ryan Maifield had been leading proceedings in the 2nd round ahead of Ty Tessmann - a tenth behind him. Further down the order there are a fair few drivers out of position, in P21 Jared Tebo with an unspectacular Rd1 and problems in Rd2, good friend Ryan Cavalieri also out of sorts a little in 26th, the 4x World Champion not quite up to the front running consistency. 


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A few laps w/ David Ronnefalk MP9 @ Argentina 2012

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A few laps w/ Jérôme Aigoin MP9 @ Argentina 2012

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A few laps with Elliott Boots MP9 @ Argentina 2012

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Ryan Lutz, team Durango driver, is running a prototype car at the  Worlds in Argentina. Look closely at his car's front suspension and compare it w/ a Kyosho MP9 Below! 
As they say: If you beat them, Join Them! :-)

Worlds Practice Day is open w/ Live HD Video to Anyone!

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Interview w/ Current World Champion: Cody King

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Hiro's new Nissan R35 GT-R Aero parts ver.3  

Source: Hiro's Garage

1st Day Pics from Kyosho Cars and Drivers @ Argentina


Jerome Aigoin tops Worlds laptimes w/ his MP9 TKI3!


A Few Laps w/ Tebo & Boots @ Worlds in Argentina!

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Mini-Z MR-03 Belt Driven Mod

Source: Silvester