Thursday, 21 March 2013

Kyosho @ 40th Tokyo Motorcycle Show

Source: Mini-Z Offical & Hiro

Difference between Aluminium vs Plastic Wheel

PN Racing released the aluminium wheel for dNano, it definitely helps to improve the look & feel of the mini RC, but can it help to improve racing performance for us?
The answer is: depending on the track condition... Continue...
Source: dnano quest

Another Custom Ducati Mini-Z MotoRacer

Source: dream MINI-Z & dNaNo RC CAR ZONE

Ronnefalk Death Race @ Swedish Winter Buggy Cup

Source: Johnny Sageborn @ Youtube

Kyoto Club dNaNo Mod 1/32 Simca Abarth 2000

Source: fullthrotlekinoshita @ Youtube

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Custom Mini-Z MotoRacers ready for Moto-Con 2

Source: West Mini-Z Link

Custom Mini-Z Baoshan Lexus SC430 2008

Source: Paintkura Blog

Video: Mini-Z Maniax Harlem Shake

Source: Jeff Dufr @ Daily Motion

Nice Picture Montage from N.I.A Australian GP

Source: Friction Circle

New dNaNo Toyota 86

Source: dnanosan

Video: Mini-Z MotoRacer Mod

Source: dream MINI-Z & dNaNo RC CAR ZONE

Mini-Z MotoRacer Mod - Girl on Honda Scooter

Source: dream MINI-Z & dNaNo RC CAR ZONE

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Mini-Z Showroom @ Kyosho Atsugi Plant

Source: Mini-Z & dNaNo News flash!!

Mini-Z National Championship @ Jakarta

The largest Kyosho Mini Z race was held at the Pluit Village Mall in Jakarta on the 7 - 9th of December 2012 hosted by TokoRC in collaboration with Jakarta Mini Z Club.
Source: Frederick Chia

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Another Custom Mini-Z MotoRacer (*) Updated

Source: West Mini-Z Link

19th Kyosho Trophy this Weekend @ Kyosho HQ

Source: Kyosho

New Mini-Z Citroen DS3 Ice is being produced!

The New Mini-Z Citroen DS3 Kimi Raikkonen "Ice" is already on the production line!
The rich set of details on the paint scheme are making this new autoscale very labor intensive!
Source: Mini-Z & dNaNo News flash!!

Kyosho MR-03 VE is Sold Out!

Despite the high price tag, the new Kyosho Mini-Z MR-03 VE Brushless is SOLD OUT! 
According to our internal sources, Kyosho is working hard to release a new batch in the market soon!

Source: Mini-Z & dNaNo News flash!!

6th Mini-Z Masters in Fellbach - March 9-10 '13

Source: Kyosho Germany

Custom Mini-Z Bikes

Source/Fonte: dream MINI-Z & dNaNo RC CAR ZONE