Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Thank You Message from My N.I.A Friends in Japan!

Today when I started reading my rss feeds I had a pleasant surprise :-) All N.I.A Blogs had a message for me! I was very touched to be considered a friend of such nice and talented guys back in Japan. 

These guys are awesome, not only they have the most amazing custom Mini-Z F1 Cars in the planet, but they also get together every F1 race to race their amazing Mini-Zs. It is not just racing either, they prepare food from the country where the race is, they setup a large screen to watch the race together and they even create a circuit layout to replicate the real one!! There is a proper Safety Car and Pit Lanes as well! Amazing!

They are thanking me but I think we all should be thanking them to let us be part of this great camaraderie that they have over there. I hope one day I can join them for a race! 

Thank you all my friends!! 
Source: N.I.A Blogs

N.I.A Mini-Z F1 Brazilian GP (*)

Source: N.I.A Blogs
(*) Updated!

Custom dNaNos @ SRC Circuit in Japan

Source: Mini-Z & dNaNo News flash!!

Jérôme Aigoin MP9 is ready for Worlds @ Argentina

Source: Chéron Etienne

Custom Mini-Z Kobayashi Sauber F1

Source: RC.P.SANDA Blog

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Stop the Press!!! New Mini-Z MR-03 VE Approved!

Internal sources have confirmed that the new Mini-Z MR-03VE brushless has been approved for production!! There has been rumours that the brushless motor had too much torque for the Mini-Z, compromising its drivebility (check this previous POST). The new Ferrari 458 Italia GT2 is expected to be released around the same date as the MR-03VE!

"Test have been completed smoothly, 
We are in preparation for production in full force now..."
Source: Kyosho

New Mini-Z Toyota 86 "Toyobaru"

Since the Toyota 86, the Subaru BRZ and the Scion FR-S 
are the same car.  It will be easy to make custom versions of the Subaru and the Scion ones once the White Body is released :-)
Source: Kyosho

Michael Vincent's R/C Model Party!

Source/Fonte: Michael Vincent @ Youtube

Extra! Extra! Team Orion CRF Kanai WC Ltd Ed. Engine

Source: Kanai

Mini-Z Ferrari 458 Italia GT2

According to Kyosho Internal Sources, 
the new Ferrari 458 Italia GT2 Body is better than the Audi R8!
Source/Fonte: Mini-Z & dNaNo News flash!!

New GP03 Mini-Z Lexan Body

Source: Giovanni Pierini

Mini-Z MotoRacer Repsol Honda #27 Limited Edition!

According to Kyosho, the Repsol Honda MotoRacer # 27 "Casey Stoner" is a limited edition bike!
It will only be sold on this first batch! Get yours now, or be sorry :-)
Source/Fonte: Mini-Z & dNaNo News flash!!

N.I.A Mini-Z F1 USA GP

Source: N.I.A

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Last Round of GC Nano Championship

Last round of GC Nano Championship will be held at the track 8 Plus shop GamersClub Saturday, November 17 in the afternoon. attend, participate and show the race Live. Enjoy the race and live the adrenaline that dnano is offering.
Live Bradcast will start at 17:30 Greek Time.
And the url for the live streaming --->
Source: Nikos Karabelas

Sunday, 11 November 2012

All Mini-Z Custom Bikes from Moto-CON 2012!

 So many great customizations that is hard to decide 
which one is my favorite?
What's yours ? Leave a comment!
Source: Mini-Z Racing & Mini-Z Official

Kyosho New Citroen DS3 Being Made

Source: Ishikawa Hiroyoshi

Custom Mini-Z MotoRacers @ Moto-CON 2012

Source: Hiro's garage & Takayuki Yajima

Mini-Z Buggy Aluminum Wing Stay Stacer

PART # MBB03-01
Source: Mini-Z & dNaNo News flash!!

GP Factory Parts GP03 Mini-Z Lexan Body

This High Banked Track idea is insane! :-)
Source: Jonurdino @ Youtube

Mini-Z Raceway Grand Opening @ MCC Fellbach

Source: Markus Kaiser

Beautiful Custom Mini-Z MotoRacer Yamaha #46

Source: Abulka Alabulka

New Mini-Z Buggy MP9 Kanai on Ferrari F430!

Source: Kanai

Hiro's Mini-Z MotoRacer Dummy Chassis

Requires a Stand + Front Fork Assembly (MC002)
Source: Hiro's Garage

Moto-CON @ Japan!

Source: Mini-Z Racing

PNWC 2012 Track @ San Jose, CA

Source: Mini Model Racing

Custom Painted Mini-Z TEIN Impreza STi Drift

Source: Matthias Pany