Sunday, 25 November 2012

Thank You Message from My N.I.A Friends in Japan!

Today when I started reading my rss feeds I had a pleasant surprise :-) All N.I.A Blogs had a message for me! I was very touched to be considered a friend of such nice and talented guys back in Japan. 

These guys are awesome, not only they have the most amazing custom Mini-Z F1 Cars in the planet, but they also get together every F1 race to race their amazing Mini-Zs. It is not just racing either, they prepare food from the country where the race is, they setup a large screen to watch the race together and they even create a circuit layout to replicate the real one!! There is a proper Safety Car and Pit Lanes as well! Amazing!

They are thanking me but I think we all should be thanking them to let us be part of this great camaraderie that they have over there. I hope one day I can join them for a race! 

Thank you all my friends!! 
Source: N.I.A Blogs

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