Sunday, 30 January 2011

Amazing Rally Track and Video!

Source/Fonte: R/C Tech Forums

Video: Oakwood Rally

II. Oakwood Rally from Karlos on Vimeo.

Rally Vyskov


RC Models Rally


New Route246 RML Aluminum Motor Mount for MR-03

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Kyosho MR-02EX

The MR-02 is not completely gone! now offers a relatively cheap (199EUR) RTR set to 2.4GHz, with a black KT-18 (not bad!) And a black MR-02 chassis (there may also be!).



Monday, 24 January 2011

Mini-Z Chase Mode (Tiki Tiki) Q&A!

I'm sure you have heard about the new Mini-Z MR-03 Chase Mode or Tiki Tiki Mode by now, if not this is a new feature of the Mini-Z MR-03 that has just been released.

In Japan, it is called "Tiki Tiki Mode" and in other countries, the official name is Chase Mode." If you prefer Tiki Tiki, please call it Tiki Tiki.

Today, I'm going to answer questions about Chase Mode we got from Mini-Z fans.

OK then, let's begin!!

Q1: Which models have the Chase Mode function?
A1: One of the following must be purchased to play Chase Mode.

 This set comes with a Gloss Coat finished au Supra body!

MZ410 R/C UnitSet(2.4GHz/RA-22B)w/Chase Mode
If you would like to convert your standard Mini-Z MR-03 to the Chase Mode spec,
please purchase this one.

You also need a 3 channel ASF 2.4GHz transmitter to use the full function of Chase Mode. My recommendation is Perfec EX-5UR ASF!!

Q2:Can I play Chase Mode with my KT-18 transmitter?
A2:You can drive with your KT-18 transmitter,
but you cannot control the overtake function.

Q3:The Chase Mode spec Mini-Z cannot use the full power if I don't use the overtake function?
A3:No!! You can switch off Chase Mode.
Chase Mode is switched off when the product is shipped from the factory.
You can enjoy full power of Mini-Z with KT-8 transmitter!!

Q4:Are there any advantage of Chase Mode spec Mini-Z if I play with a KT-18 transmitter?
A4:The Chase Mode spec Rx unit has better steering neutral calibration funttion.
So, in most cases you only need just one or two clicks of steering trim adjustment.
Also right and left turning radiuses are almost equal.

Q5:Can Chase Mode work with Sanwa or Futaba Transmitters?
A5:Chase Mode overtake function should work with Sanwa or Futaba transmitters when a KO ASF 2.4GHz module is connected via Route 246's module adapter (R246-1001). However, Kyosho does not guarantee the working of the function.

Q6:I've heard the IC tag lap counting system is not compatible with Chase Mod.e...
A6:That's not true. The IC tag lap counting system works with Chase Mode Mini-Z properly.

Q7:I wish the overtaking power would be 130% of the standard power..
A7:That sounds nice.

However, if the Max power becomes 130% of the current Mini-Z, will that power be the new standard power?

Just the same as overtake button of real car racing such as Formula Nippon, the machine outputs the 100% power when the overtake button is used and when it is not in use, the power is limited to a certain degree. This is the same concept as Mini-Z's Chase Mode function.

If you need more power, you can use LiFe batteries, so the standard power of Chase Mode wll be similar to 100% of NiMH batteries and once you push the overtake button, you'll experience the 130% of NiMH batteries' power. However, my basic idea is to limit the power so that everybody can enjoy races together. That's the Chase Mode concept.

I hope you now understand the Chase Mode well.

Source/Fonte: Ishikawa @ Kyoshoblog

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Chase Mode: MZW422 Scramble Flasher

I would like to explain to you about MZW422 Scramble Flasher for Chase Mode Mini-Z.

This device works with Mini-Z equipped with Chase Mode Rx unit. Just connect it to the ICS expansion connector and past it on the chassis using double-sided tape. You can see the light through the windows of the Mini-Z.

Please note that the Scramble Flasher is equipped with an expansion connector on the circuit board and you can use the ICS function through the connector.
It's handy, right?

The high-brightness LED illuminates if you have remaining overtake count, so you can know if you can still use the overtake button or not without counting how many times you have used the overtake button so far. But be careful, your rivals can know it as well!

When you have used up all the overtake count you have, the LED will go out. Now that your rivals can know you are disarmed.

The LED flashes while the overtake button is in use. So, when you see the LED starts to flash in the car behind yours, push the overtake button immediately so that he won't be able to pass you!

Please also check this movie to understand how it works. In this movie I use the overtake button 2 times and after the 2nd one, the overtake count becomes zero.

Source/Fonte: Ishikawa @ KyoshoBlog

Kyosho Masters France 2011

Mini-Z Ferrari FXX Evoluzione is coming

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Inferno MP9 TKI2 WC Specs

Available: March 2011

New TKI 2 WC Features
  • Machined Sus. Holder – Strengthened front lower suspension holder is wider and thicker giving you the ability to handle big jumps and hard surfaces.
  • Heavy Duty – Strengthened front shock tower features a thicker construction giving you the ability to handle what ever your local track can dish out.
  • Redesigned Arms – Redesigned and reinforced for extra strength around the stabilizer mounting holes on the front lower suspension arms.
  • Increase Strength – Reinforcing ribs on the ball end sections of the rear upper suspension arms dramatically increase strength and rigidity to handle hard contact.
  • Move Up – The receiver battery is now positioned further forward to improve jumping control and cornering.
  • Rear Shock Stay – The rear shock tower is reinforced in the same way as the front and now featuring 10 upper arm mounting holes for a more precision set up.
Standard Features
  • New Threaded Big Bore Shocks - Dial adjustable big bore shocks allow precision adjustment of front-rear and left-right suspension.
  • New Design MP9 Wheel - New design of the dish wheels is lightweight with optimal rigidity and supports sure traction and effective tire grip.
  • New Tapered Shock Pistons - Shock pistons with taper holes deliver optimal oil flow resistance and piston speed for superior damping effectiveness.
  • Improved King Pin Design - Longer king pin and longer flanged collar improves reliability and prevents knuckle coming loose in the event of hard contact or a crash.
  • Aluminum Wing & Radio Post - Machined aluminum wing stay posts and radio plate posts deliver improved reliability through increased strength and rigidity.
  • New Suspension Bushings - New white suspension bushings are now included provide you high visibility of your setup.
  • New Aluminum Rear Hubs - New design of the aluminum rear hubs effectively realizes shorter suspension arms to deliver reactive movement for traction efficiency.
  • New Body Design - new low-height body design with less front-end resistance that generates aerodynamics for a competitive edge and stable posture through the air.
  • New Air Filter - This high capacity air filter allows a long and consistent air feed to your engine.
  • Reliability & Workmanship - After partial assembly by our skilled staff, all Spec A kits are inspected by the Inferno master Yuichi Kanai to guaranty reliability on all kits.
  • Ultra Low C.O.G - Ultra low center of gravity, lightweight and optimal weight balance all combine to deliver the ultimate racing weapon.
  • More Down Force - Bolted on large wing generates powerful down force. New ribbing at the back results in improved rigidity.
  • 7075 Grade Aluminum - Hard main chassis made from 7075-grade aluminum, hard shock stay, big bore shocks and aluminum knuckle arms realize great strength, durability and rigidity.
  • Hard Anodized Components - The shock stay and main chassis are hard anodized for improve resistance against dirt and damage.
  • Composite Torque Rods - Resin torque rods fitted on front and rear contributes to moderate flexibility and smooth running performance.
  • Endless Adjustments - Roll center can be adjusted by changing the direction of the spacer inserted into the lower arm of the rear suspension. Also, the one-piece ball and washer ball-ends are an added maintenance feature
  • Upright Servo - Servo is mounted upright for easy maintenance and is dropped 2mm to contribute to the lower center of gravity. The hard chrome finish to the metal parts is more resistant to damage and dirt than anodizing.
  • Extremely Light Weight - The smaller differential units on front and rear with grooved cup joints, aluminum balls and the flexing shape of resin parts effectively lightens the weight while giving the chassis rigidity, more durability and strength.
  • New Fuel Tank - Newly designed fuel tank features finger hook for fast and reliable refueling and realizes stable fuel supply in even under severe posture changes.
  • Wraparound Side Guards - Grooved face in side guard matches the thickness of velcro tape and prevents dirt getting inside the chassis. Complete wraparound side guards only found on Kyosho MP9.
  • Equipped With Mud Guards - Mud guards on the rear arm prevent dirt entering the drive shaft and getting inside the wheels.
  • We Have You Covered - 3 types of servo horn included for various R/C systems (SANWA / KO / for JR, FUTABA and Hitech)
  • Hex Screws - Kit includes all hex screws enough said!
  • Weight Balance - Engine position moved 15mm forwards and 5mm to the center compared to the MP777. Also the height has been lowered by 1mm for ideal weight balance.
  • New Suspension Design - Newly developed suspension uses bushing for easy maintenance and rationalizes the setting order.
  • Increased Diff Case Capacity - Center differential realizes improved heat dissipating brake disc and increased case capacity for stable control through to the end of the race.
  • Optimal Race Settings - Fine tune for the optimal race setting with adjustments to wheelbase, tread, roll center, caster angle, toe angle and camber change.
  • 3 Differentials = Real Time 4WD - Features the Inferno's signature shaft-driven 3-differential full time 4WD chassis.
All made in Japan!
Everything from the ground up is made in Japan for the highest level of quality and reliability.
Source/Fonte: Kyosho America

More Inferno MP9 TKI2 WC

Source/Fonte: Kyosho America

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Calendar ?!? Where ?

Team Corally has realesed a new 2011 Calendar. I received this picture of it but I couldn't find the calendar, can you see it ?!? :-)

O Time Corally lançou um calendário de 2011. Eu recebi esta imagem do calendário, mas não consegui vê-lo, será que você consegue encontrá-lo ?!? :-)

Source/Fonte: Team Corally