Sunday, 23 January 2011

Chase Mode: MZW422 Scramble Flasher

I would like to explain to you about MZW422 Scramble Flasher for Chase Mode Mini-Z.

This device works with Mini-Z equipped with Chase Mode Rx unit. Just connect it to the ICS expansion connector and past it on the chassis using double-sided tape. You can see the light through the windows of the Mini-Z.

Please note that the Scramble Flasher is equipped with an expansion connector on the circuit board and you can use the ICS function through the connector.
It's handy, right?

The high-brightness LED illuminates if you have remaining overtake count, so you can know if you can still use the overtake button or not without counting how many times you have used the overtake button so far. But be careful, your rivals can know it as well!

When you have used up all the overtake count you have, the LED will go out. Now that your rivals can know you are disarmed.

The LED flashes while the overtake button is in use. So, when you see the LED starts to flash in the car behind yours, push the overtake button immediately so that he won't be able to pass you!

Please also check this movie to understand how it works. In this movie I use the overtake button 2 times and after the 2nd one, the overtake count becomes zero.

Source/Fonte: Ishikawa @ KyoshoBlog

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