Friday, 26 April 2013

This is the weirdest Mini-Z Mod Ever!

Source: dream MINI-Z & dNaNo RC CAR ZONE

New Mini-Z RC-PBM Autoscale Body

More information soon...
Source: RC-PBM

Extra! Extra! Kyosho new Products for Shizuoka 2013!

Source: Kyosho

Kanai's New Tool Tray is now on Sale!

The tray designed by Kanai is now for sale Worldwide. The price is JPY 1470 (around US$ 15). The thickness of materials is 1mm, and weight is approximately 112 g. It is a very handy tray!
Tools, shown in the pictures, are not included :-) Interested
Then send an e-mail with desired quantity to and order yours today :-) 
Source: Kanai

Kyosho Toyota 86 Racing

Will this br the new "Alice Motors" Mini-Z ?
or the new "Nana Motors"? :-)
 Source: Kyosho

Kyosho will be Celebrating its 50th @ Shizuoka 2013

Lots of new items coming on Shizuoka 2013 May 18-19th
Source: Kyosho

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Custom Mini-Z F-Indy Car made out of paper!

Source: Abulka Alabulka

Inferno MP9 TKI 3 Mod - Tilted Engine!

My friend Mike Hamilton has just finished preparing this super hot MP9 TKI 3 for the racing season. What I loved the most besides his killer paint job was the tilted engine. It looked awesome! According to him, the motor mounts are from the Tamiya 801x, which fits perfectly. He removed the blue anodize and polished it up a little. The other thing he did to compensate the engine tilt was using the OFNA throttle linkage (29624) so that the servo would not need to be angled. Great Job!
Source: Mike Hamilton

New Mini-Z MR-03VE 50th Anniversary Ed.

 MR-03VE 50th Anniversary comes w/ an improved brushless motor and a red anodized Ball Diff.
Source: West Mini-Z Link

Mini-Z MR-02 TAKATA NSX07 x NSX05 Onboard Camera


Video: Custom Mod dNaNo AWD 4WD!

Source: Frederic Donval

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

New Mini-Z Buggy Aluminum Shocks!

Source: Mini-Z & dNaNo News flash!!

An Incredible Custom Mod dNaNo AWD 4WD!

Source: Revopowaaa

N.I.A. Custom Mini-Z F1 Bahrain GP

Source: kuronbotk

Custom 1/32 dNaNo McLaren F1 M23

Source: dnanobuggy RCLIFE

The Amazing Kyoto dNaNo Club!

Source: dnanobuggy RCLIFE

New LSD Gear Diff for Mini-Z 2WD

Source: Kévin Courseaux

Monday, 8 April 2013

New Kyosho Inferno MP9e TKI

The new MP9e TKI (No# 30897B) is the newest version for the brushless racers, which includes many of the features developed of the last few years for the World Champion TKI3 nitro-powered car. 

It includes the shorter rear shock tower and the medium length shocks. The shocks feature threaded spring pre-load adjusters and the popular genuine Kyosho Matched light blue springs. 

It also includes the heavy-duty driveshafts, reinforced bulkheads, stronger upper arms, milled and anodized adjustable motor mount, milled aluminum rear hub carriers, and much more.
Source: Kyosho

Kyosho Plazma 1/12 LM GTP series

The upcoming Plazma LM features legends of LeMans GTP series cars with licensed scale bodies. The cars will inlcude the very high-performance Plazma chassis with a factory-detailed replica body and a clear body.
Source: Kyosho