Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Beautiful Red Anodized EX-10 Eurus Mod!

Source: Takusei Saitou

Mini-Z Buggy on a SkateBoard Ramp!

Source: Team Mini-Z @ Youtube

Say Goodbye to 'this' Mini-Z Buggy!

Source: Team Mini-Z @ Youtube

Mini-Z MotoRacer Race Track Sound Effects!

Source: SRC Circuit @ Youtube

Fiat 124 Abarth Rally Portogallo 1975 from Italtrading


Reader's Video: MP9 TKI3 @ Circuito de Valdemoro

Source: Nacho BuggysRc

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Which one would you pick ?

Source: Mini-Z Official

New Mini-Z Subaru BRZ!!!

Source: Mini-Z Official

Toyota President @ Kyosho Booth!!!

Source: Ishikawa Hiroyoshi

Kyosho Scorpion XXL Nitro Version (part 2)

Source: Mitrag RC @ Youtube

Hiro's Custom Toyotas 86/BRZ

Source: Hiro

Scorpion XXL Prototype Aluminum Shocks!

Prototype aluminum shocks of the XXL buggy. They feature almuminum construction with hard-anodized shock bodies and really rugged 4mm titanium nitride-coated shock shafts.
Source: Kyosho

Kyosho Scorpion XXL Nitro Version (part 1)

Source: MitragRC @ Youtube

MP9 Aluminium Wing Stay Mount

Source: Kanai

Limited Edition Mini-Z Toyota 86 Red!

Only Available in Japan!
Source: Kyosho

New Kyosho Mini-Z Toyota 86/BRZ Bodies

Source: Ishikawa Hiroyoshi

Scorpion XXL Nitro Version!

Source: Kenji Takashima

I'm Back!

Hello my Friends!

I guess I can say: Long time no see :-) It has been a good three weeks since my last post but now I'm back. I had a great Holiday back in my home country w/ my family and friends. It was revigorating!

Happy New Year to you all and let's hope Kyosho has a bunch of new surprises for us in 2013!


Alex Kyoshosan

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Vacation 2012-13

Sorry my friends for this late post but I'm on vacation abroad until Jan 10.

Happy New Year to you all!