Wednesday, 5 November 2014

3D Printed Mini-Z MR-03 Sub-Chassis

A motor mount, rear suspension, servo bottom plate and Audi R8 body adapter in one piece designed for the MR03VE Mini-z...
Source: Mini-Z Racer Forum
It is designed to use a PN-racing brushless motor, and a tri-damper rear suspension. The design incorporates the provision for side dampers from either Atomic (shorter) or PN (longer). The only configuration is middle motor with 97mm-99mm wheelbase. The wheelbase and motor position have eccentric adjustment that provide easy gear mesh adjustment with a very securely locked motor. Excellent for 126dp gearset and high power motors. No guarantees are given for parts fitment, and some parts might need fine trimming. However, the design has worked flawlessly in testing. More information here:

There are other models available for: Ferrari 458, Honda HSV, Mazda 787, and Ferrari 599XX

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