Monday, 24 January 2011

Mini-Z Chase Mode (Tiki Tiki) Q&A!

I'm sure you have heard about the new Mini-Z MR-03 Chase Mode or Tiki Tiki Mode by now, if not this is a new feature of the Mini-Z MR-03 that has just been released.

In Japan, it is called "Tiki Tiki Mode" and in other countries, the official name is Chase Mode." If you prefer Tiki Tiki, please call it Tiki Tiki.

Today, I'm going to answer questions about Chase Mode we got from Mini-Z fans.

OK then, let's begin!!

Q1: Which models have the Chase Mode function?
A1: One of the following must be purchased to play Chase Mode.

 This set comes with a Gloss Coat finished au Supra body!

MZ410 R/C UnitSet(2.4GHz/RA-22B)w/Chase Mode
If you would like to convert your standard Mini-Z MR-03 to the Chase Mode spec,
please purchase this one.

You also need a 3 channel ASF 2.4GHz transmitter to use the full function of Chase Mode. My recommendation is Perfec EX-5UR ASF!!

Q2:Can I play Chase Mode with my KT-18 transmitter?
A2:You can drive with your KT-18 transmitter,
but you cannot control the overtake function.

Q3:The Chase Mode spec Mini-Z cannot use the full power if I don't use the overtake function?
A3:No!! You can switch off Chase Mode.
Chase Mode is switched off when the product is shipped from the factory.
You can enjoy full power of Mini-Z with KT-8 transmitter!!

Q4:Are there any advantage of Chase Mode spec Mini-Z if I play with a KT-18 transmitter?
A4:The Chase Mode spec Rx unit has better steering neutral calibration funttion.
So, in most cases you only need just one or two clicks of steering trim adjustment.
Also right and left turning radiuses are almost equal.

Q5:Can Chase Mode work with Sanwa or Futaba Transmitters?
A5:Chase Mode overtake function should work with Sanwa or Futaba transmitters when a KO ASF 2.4GHz module is connected via Route 246's module adapter (R246-1001). However, Kyosho does not guarantee the working of the function.

Q6:I've heard the IC tag lap counting system is not compatible with Chase Mod.e...
A6:That's not true. The IC tag lap counting system works with Chase Mode Mini-Z properly.

Q7:I wish the overtaking power would be 130% of the standard power..
A7:That sounds nice.

However, if the Max power becomes 130% of the current Mini-Z, will that power be the new standard power?

Just the same as overtake button of real car racing such as Formula Nippon, the machine outputs the 100% power when the overtake button is used and when it is not in use, the power is limited to a certain degree. This is the same concept as Mini-Z's Chase Mode function.

If you need more power, you can use LiFe batteries, so the standard power of Chase Mode wll be similar to 100% of NiMH batteries and once you push the overtake button, you'll experience the 130% of NiMH batteries' power. However, my basic idea is to limit the power so that everybody can enjoy races together. That's the Chase Mode concept.

I hope you now understand the Chase Mode well.

Source/Fonte: Ishikawa @ Kyoshoblog


Guslot said...

olá alex...como vai ??
não entendi nada sobre esse tiki tiki...
dá uma explicadinha simples...
outra coisa, gostaria de ter um mini-z awd ..... tem muita diferença para os mr03 ???


That's my Opinion said...

I hope you can answer my question,
I have installed a tikitiki RC unit in my car which is 204 ghz RA-22B.
i have been told by the dealer that it should wor OK with my Pefex KT-19 transmitter. however so far i couldn't manage to pair them.
Ant Ideas?


Alex said...

KT-19 is only compatible with MIni-Z MR-03 Sports.

That's my Opinion said...

My car is mr-03
But I changed the rc unit and I can't pair it

Alex Kyoshosan said...

The MR-03 board is ASF, the MR-03 Sports uses FHS

That's my Opinion said...

So you are saying i will have to buy a different transmitter other than KT-19?
because if that is the case i will return the rc unit and put back the old one.

Alex said...

If don't have a MR-03 Sports or MR-03 Sports Board the KT-19 won't work. For MR-03 you need a KT-18 or equivalent, meaning KO-Propo with ASF Module.

That's my Opinion said...

Thank you guys for the valuable input. I guess I will have to buy a different controller so that I can pair with the RC unit.

Unknown said...

How do you turn the chase mode off? I think I cut it on by mistake my car is running funny