Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Kyosho 2011 Catalog!

Source/Fonte: Kyosho.de


Unknown said...

Hi Alex,

Firstly I'd like to thank and congratulate you for your great blog. This is really a great place to come to and read about MiniZ.

I didn't know the Ferrari on page 16 on the upper right and wondered if it is a new body. Actually this body is from 2005 and I don't understand why they promote such an old body in their 2011 catalog .. :)

In the (likely) case that I'm not the only one who likes that body - here is the link (site is very slow, at least from Germany)

Keep up the good work!


Alex Kyoshosan said...

Hi Benny!

Thanks for the compliments :-) You're right that body is old but beautiful! Maybe that's why kyosho continue to put it on the catalog :-) Who knows...

Thanks again! Cheers!

Alex Kyoshosan