Thursday, 21 March 2013

Difference between Aluminium vs Plastic Wheel

PN Racing released the aluminium wheel for dNano, it definitely helps to improve the look & feel of the mini RC, but can it help to improve racing performance for us?
The answer is: depending on the track condition... Continue...
Source: dnano quest

Plastic wheel should be softer than aluminium wheel (but there maybe exception….), that means, plastic wheel provides more flex, and therefore provides more traction. On the other hand, as Alu wheel is more rigid, it will give faster response to the driver.
Say, if we are racing on carpet, the flex of the wheel may not be so important (as carpet provides a lot of traction), then Alu wheel will definitely can help to improve the driving responsiveness. 
But if we are racing on harder surfaces, plastic wheel may perform better.

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