Thursday, 6 December 2012

Boots/MP9 is Argentina Worlds TQ!

Qualifying at the 2012 Worlds ended in a dramatic anticlimax, initial impressions of the track this morning were good, but a serious soaking at 9AM saw it saturated with water and things looked bleak for those outside the top 16 after 5 rounds. The organisers sent the track crew out to tentatively work on trying to prep the track for some form of racing and it was heard that any racing today would have to be started by 4:30PM in order to finish at a reasonable hour.

IFMAR held a couple of meetings at midday and it was concluded to scrap the final qualifying round and use the three from five rounds count, the result is TQ going to the Kyosho/Novarossi/AKA driver Elliott Boots. It breaks the trend of three TQs going to US drivers ('10 Tebo, '08 Truhe & '06 Pavidis) and thus the first European since Yannick Aigoin in 2004 to TQ. Elliott will be hoping to repeat Mark Pavidis' heroics from 2006, the only man in recent history to manage to convert his TQ into a World Championship win, judging by Elliott's historical Q5 run where he blitzed the rest of the field by a 13 sec margin he's in a good position come Saturday.

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