Saturday, 1 December 2012

Mini-Z MR-03 Belt Driven Mod

Source: Silvester

I was thinking back in the days is there any chance to use belt drive on MR03?
Tight small space, and not really sure something like that sold somewhere either.
But these days "raw material" that can actually used is everywhere. Just use our imagination right?

Then I browse the net find there's TGR sinister use belt for the cars. Same size as mini-z.
the problem is will they send it here? (Indonesia is kindda blacklisted for cybercrime).
so, like other hobbyst do: If you can't buy, make one! (hahahaha)

then i came out with these ideas: milling a gear to make big pulley and make small pulley out of hollow stuff.
And there it is. I have balldiff gears from many brand.

kyosho, atomic, PN. so technically it can make from any brand.
the small pulley can use any hollow pipe shape stuff.
such as delrin, carbon, composit, even metal.
the belt, i actually make them out of tires.
but also can use O Ring that fit the size.
already try on RCP at local shop, just minor problem.
such as if use wrong combination rubber and small puley material, either the belt snap, the pulley got heated and also snap, or if too much torque on the motor it just slipping.
but in "normal" race specs, no problem appears.

I hope I didn't make you bored.

Thank you.


jowysony said...

But the pulley really catches my attention is the bars on the sides .... For they are?

jowysony said...

Good job but I call attention to the side bars to serve .....?

Peter Dinh said...

I was wondering what those side bars are for as well. And where did you get the lexan servo dust cover?

Peter Dinh said...

I was also wondering what those side bars are... and where did you get the lexan servo gear dust cover on the top?