Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Mini-Z Quick Change Rear Wheel Nut

In cooperation with Reflex Racing, MC3 and Reflex Racing have created the "Quick Change Rear Wheel Nut".

Basically, the wheel nut allows for a quick swap of rear wheels between sides to alleviate uneven tire wear, which can be accomplished easily and quickly between racing heats.

This product is for use on the axle side (non-gear side)
that normally uses a plastic bushing and requires use of a 3x6x2.5mm bearing to work.

There are additional benefits as well such as:

- rim and bearing will last longer as you are no longer popping the bearing in/out of the rim
- integrated wheel nut- say goodbye to lost wheel nuts (note- need to put threadlock on diff shaft)
- engineered to let bearings run smoothly; no pressure on inner race
Source/Fonte: MC3 Canada

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