Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Kyosho 'EVO' Truggy is coming this summer ?

News has reached us that Kyosho is planning a summer launch for their updated Truggy the 'ST-RR EVO' which should serve as the replacement for the existing 'ST-RR' - much of which is based on the older generation MP777 platform - successful in its own right but replaced by the MP9 buggy a number of years ago. We understand that the ST-RR EVO will have a few changes to bring it up to date, according to sources that includes a few updated parts borrowed from the MP9, a new body, possibly the new threaded shocks seen on the MP9 TKI2 and probably a few more things which we weren't told. Whether that includes some of the new items due on the MP9 WC Edition, we have to wait and see until some official news...

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