Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Thank You Note to Mr.Takahashi - Mini-Z Cup Chairman

Do you Know Mr.Takahashi?!? He is the man behind the Mini-Z Cup. He is the Mini-Z Chairman. 

This years' 8th Mini-Z Cup Final Championship in Japan was his last mission.

It has been 10 YEARS!!!

During this time he has always managed the Mini-Z Cup. He was the man whose voice was easily recognized on these racing scenes. He was always leading Mini-Z users and we were able to enjoy Mini-Z from him.Today however was his last day. The last time you could see his smile at the races, even tough we know, he is very shy. We won't foget his Smile, his Jokes and his voice.

I don't know why he should retire. Could someone you answer me?

As a avid Mini-Z fan, even if I never met Mr. Takahashi, I'd like to say Thank you (Kyoshosan)

Source/Fonte: Mini-Z Japan

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