Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Q&A: Jerome Aigo-IN Form

Q: Jerome, you’ve taken 3 victories from the last 3 big races you attended; first in Montpellier where you dominated the final – comfortably taking the win, at Silver Pennes TQ’ing and being handed the win and finally at the weekend you won in Pierrefeu. Whats the secret to your 2011 form?
Jerome Aigoin:
There's no secret, I start this year with the same equipment compare to last year and the latest update , cars, tyres, engines and fuel enables me to go fast from the very first race of 2011.

Q: Over the winter we witnessed a record number of driver moves, your brother switching from Novarossi to the much heralded nVision, you bucked the trend and stayed put with your 2010 package, do you think this ‘stability’ has contributed to your early season success?
Yes, for sure, I was happy with my package and I was confident in the updates we had and we were going to have, so staying with the same people was something that felt natural.

Q: We mentioned you stuck with Novarossi for 2011, together with drivers moving the new brands EFRA have introduced a maximum nitro percentage rule this year, do you see this impacting your results or anyone else’s’ ?
Of course this had an influence on our 2011 performances and being one step ahead of the others. This doesn't change anything for us, we are used to using 25% nitro fuel.

Q: You decided to race Neo11 rather than the 2nd round French nationals, considering you won Rd 1, how do you rate your chances this year?
We have a Joker race ( 1 throwout) : I used it, now we can start the championship as my competitors spend also their joker at this race (Yannick, Savoya & Sartel all failed to make the final). So let's start the championship.

Q: What’s your feeling about the clash of dates of Neo11 and round 2 of the French nats ?
Let's make the story short. There are people whose job is to manage these problems, my role is to attend races and do my best together with my mechanic to be the fastest.

Q: With a hat trick of victories in the last couple of months comes added pressure at bigger races, what are your hopes and expectations for 2011?
Even if I had some nice winning, I miss a title, national or international. This is my goal this year : win some races and get one of the titles I'm pushing for.

Q: Rewind to the Worlds semi final in Pattaya, Thailand last year, you missed out on making the Worlds final by three hundredths of a second in a last lap – last corner battle with Adam Drake, how tough was it to accept and deal with that ? Do you think that result has served to motivate you even more for 2011?
This was very hard, but as you aked at the beginning, this is may be the secret of my speed this year. I know I can fight with the A-main drivers which I worried about before. It's now a motivation, not a scary dream anymore.


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