Sunday, 13 March 2011

Mark Pavidis and the New OS 19XZ-B Engine

OS came in under the radar with the release of their unconventional but innovate .19 engine (the standard buggy engine is .21), one of their team drivers Mark Pavidis has been closely involved with the development of this engine, we met up with Mark and he told us a bit more about it.

The first prototype was tested at Revelation a few months before the worlds, at the worlds practice we attended I ran two newer versions of the .19 with great success. For the LARGE track the .21 was the best option at that track. I had asked O.S. early last year that I felt there was a need for a smaller engine as the cars now a days are at minimum weight and most of the time the cars are all over powered not delivering the power to the tires efficiently. I have ran the engine at all the Local tracks here Thunder Alley, Revelation and ARC with great success.

Tracks with large jumps that still require a lot of power very quickly such as this year’s nitro challenge the new .21 Speed was the engine of choice. But for example at this year’s Motorama the track was a little slippery and needed a smoother power delivery where the .19 was a perfect fit. Also the .19 the cooling head is smaller and the handling of the car is noticeably improved.

I really feel this is a great move for O.S. going to the smaller bore .19 engine. This shows O.S commitment to the off road buggy category once again. Everyone that knows O.S. engines knows that it is the standard that all other engines are judged by. Power, Fuel economy and the ease of tuning. All of these characteristics are key to the success of the O.S. brand. O.S. may not be the cheapest engine in the hobby shop but like I tell anyone that asks me you get what you pay for.


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