Sunday, 17 July 2011

Kyosho New Electric Boats

EP Formula Boat TAMOIL 600 PIP

Regarded as the F-1 of waterborne motorsports, the speed and excitement of Formula Boat Racing has been recreated by Kyosho in incredible realism. TAMOIL Racing’s form and color scheme have been captured in this compact 710mm pre-assembled hull. Made from robust FRP, the hull is powered by an inboard 28mm watercooled brushless motor with 2150KV output. Open the throttle and feel the burst of thrust as the boat accelerates to maximum speeds of more than 45km/h almost instantly (when using 3-cell Li-Po / depending on running environment). The tunnel hull design has been adapted for optimal R/C model performance to deliver both high speeds and turning stability. Styrene built into the hull creates an unsinkable structure that stays afloat even if capsized. Also, the wire shaft drive allows the propeller axis angle to be set almost parallel to the waterline and the hull maintains straight line planing stability, even when cresting waves. With realistic performance and control the TAMOIL 600 recreates the thrilling experience of boat racing.

Micro Cat 650BLS PIP
Source/Fonte: Kyosho

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