Thursday, 4 August 2011

More News on the Mini-Z Buggy

According to an insider who had already had a chance to drive the new Mini-Z Buggy, it turns on a dime, jumps like a Lazer and soakes up the bumps like a champ. It does have oil shocks and it does use AAA batteries. All other info will be released in due time. 

This was a project that has been many years in the making and Kyosho's Engineers & Designers did not want release a product like others on the market which they felt are lacking in real off-road performance, as well as other issues. They have done some awesome things with this product and in due time (Sept 04th) they will reveal more of it's amazing features. Also one last thing, a product of this caliber does not work with poor quality materials and tooling, the competition has proven that already.

PS: this actually may not be Kyosho's biggest product announcement this year.

Source/Fonte: Mini-Z Racer Forum

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