Monday, 12 December 2011

New Mini-Z F1s

Source/Fonte: RC.P.SANDA Blog

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Sho said...

I purchased one of these newly released mini-z F1s. I was really disappointed with the quality of the new MP4-25 after spending nearly $300 on it. It really felt like a toy-grade piece of crap. Way over-priced. Here's what was wrong with it: the front wing was crooked, the rear wing came detached and broken off, the tire label was stuck on the wrong way, the inner tire labels were missing, the johnnie walker decal on the rear wing was missing. There was just so many discrepancies compared to Kyosho's pictures on their website. I had a feeling that they really rushed it to get it out before Xmas and really skimped on the quality checks. It really pissed me off because this product is obviously for F1 fans and enthusiasts, not for some small boy on Xmas day. If I was looking for a toy F1, I would have plenty of choices with $50 to spare. In summary, really disappointed and Kyosho has lost my business.