Wednesday, 31 July 2013

RB releases a new Yuichi Kanai Limited Edition Engine

Source: Kanai

Developed with the iconic Japan driver, this new engine has got high level features for 1/8 off road competition cars. The engine is of course made in Europe without any compromise !

Available as complete set Yuuichi Kanai dedicated as it is a limited Edition (300 pcs only for the World !)

The YUICHI KANAI engine has got high level competition features :
- Long stroke
- Turbo & lightened 14.5mm crankshaft
- Light and strong competition conrod
- Lightweight & machined piston
- High speed main and front ball bearings
- Piston/liner 3 ports and MES (Multi Exhaust System)
- Turbo combustion chamber with O-ring
- Rigid and strong crankcase
- 9mm special buggy carburetor with 6,7 & 7.5mm restrictors
- Low gravity center & lightweight cooling head with new design
- Black dust protections included

01013-YK RB KANAI Limited Edition
E01013-YK Combo RB KANAI Limited Edition
RODAGE Pre-Run engine RB Concept 

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