Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Pro Built MP9 TKI3 Spec A (ARR)

31789B Inferno MP9 TKI3 Spec A (ARR) will be available again soon.

The Spec A (ARR) has been assembled by skilled and highly experienced staff who are knowing a lot of know how for assembling. It is not just semi-assembled kit by factory...

Source: Kanai

Also oil shocks, differential gears and whole drive train are carefully assembled as critical areas to have the maximum performance. So each kit is assembled by highly experienced staffs knowing how each part must come together.

After partial assembly by highly skilled staff, I check again if the whole parts are correctly assembled, also check a small details such as ride height, alignment and camber angle are strictly measured and set one by one.

So you just install the radio and engine before the race. I fully recommend it is a very convenient and easy for users and racers to enjoy the races, as well as saving time for assembling.

Hope you are interested in this item.

Thank you!

Team Kyosho International
Yuichi Kanai


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