Saturday, 6 September 2014

Kyosho MP9 New Short Wing Stay

Source: Kanai

I made a new design for Short Wing Stay for Inferno MP9 in order to have a better traction of rear parts.
It can meet a several surface condition as well as selecting your favorite wing position depending on track and your driving style.
It can keep a stable driving on bumpy surface because of better traction, and also making a long distance jump than standard.
There are 2 types of wing joint parts (where put wing), which are included this short wing stay.
When using one parts, it keep a same wing position as IF429 Wing Stay Set (MP9).
When using the other parts, it can move the wing position 9mm forward than standard wing stay.
Also it can select 2 types of height, one is 5mm lower than standard position. I like this wing position, firstly I recommend you to try this position.
The other can keep a same height as standard. You can get the best rear traction. But in case of high grip track, it might be a little too much traction. So I recommend you to use the position on low grip track

We will pass the short wing stay to whole Kyosho drivers at world's track, who will attend the upcoming Worlds. So please try this Short Wing Stay at that time, you can select a favorite position from 3 different position (Standard / 9mm forward with 5mm lower / 9mm forward with standard height).
Also we will bring the most of parts for MP9 to worlds, so if you need some parts or some questions about the car. Please feel free to come to Kyosho container at that time.

Thank you and hope to see you soon!

Team Kyosho International
Yuichi Kanai

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