Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Video: "Mini-z Like" Buggy

Surfing through my daily videos on Youtube today, I found this very interesting "Mini-Z Like" Buggy... for a moment I thought, Kyosho has finally released a Mini-Z Buggy! WooHoo!!! Unfortunately, just the remote was from Kyosho, the Car is from Yokomo.

I wonder why Kyosho hasn't come up with one Mini-Z buggy yet ? I sure like the Mini-Inferno (i own one), but I'd love to see Kyosho release a Mini-Z Inferno Buggy (even if it was to be 2WD, 4WD would be even better :-), like the one in these videos). Now that the Inferno is 8x World Champion, it would be a great product! 

Did you hear that Kyosho :-)

1 comment:

Joe Chen said...

Not made by Yokomo, made by Tomy/Takara. It's called the GX, works on 2.4GHz, and about $40-50 online.