Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Beautiful Custom Jaguar Xjr Le Mans Silk Cut

Quoted from the post (click on "See More" link below for more pictures):
"One day she will be mine, oh yes, one day she will be mine...", it's done!

This body is on my "Wish List" for a long time but I doubt that Kyosho makes it... (d**n licenses ...), 
but do not despair ...

So, "do it yourself" ...

This is my latest creation, a "free" interpretation of the Silk Cut Jaguar XJR that ran at Le Mans in late 80, early 90.

I have used a Mazda 787 whitebody and paint/decals are a mix of different versions of the XJR (8/9/10/11 ...)
 Source/Fonte: Mike.b54 @ Mini-Z Racer Forum

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littleleon said...

That is very, very nice. Great Work.