Thursday, 6 October 2011

dNaNo AWD ?!?

Source/Fonte: SRC Circuit @ Youtube


Kasimirtlw said...

here it shows a spanish guy his own awd conversion of the dnano. Perhaps this is the same ??

Kasimirtlw said...

you might want to check out following forum post. seems a spanish guy has converted a dnano to awd thru a blet drive system

you might just have found his clip..
it looks good and i hope kyosho learns from this but I'm afraid the desing is a bit to brute for a sale version

Alex Kyoshosan said...

Hi Kasimirtlw,

Thanks for your comment, I'm not sure they are the same, since the one I posted was done in Japan. Thanks again for the tip :-)

Alex Kyoshosan

Andrea Falcone said...

I think this is the same trick another japanese guy pulled off a while back, leaving everyone shocked..
It's a car setup to drive backwards, with the steering wheel on the back and front wheel drive, so it looks like it drifts. I saw a video of the other guy driving a blue dnano and looked really like an awd, in fact I think he tricked everyone... this looks the same to me.