Sunday, 8 January 2012

Kyosho Mini-Z MotoRacer Experience

Many thanks to Toykar Singapore that we are able to get our hands on the prototype new Mini Z Moto racer. All the while we are four wheelers, tearing the track with our cars. However this time around it is quite a challenge to get this two wheel machine to perform.

The test unit came in a white un-labeled box. When we open up the box sits the lean machine together with a battery, charger, a KT18 look alike controller with 2 extra knobs for the gyro adjustments.

It took awhile before folks on the track is able to get used to it, The Gyro unit was spinning all the time and produced a nice swirlling noise. We were quite surprise that the unit comes with ball bearings and metal rims. Front and rear ride height plus travel is adjustable and it is driven by a 20C single cell powering a cordless motor.

The stock moto racer runs pretty fast out of the box. Hopefully the production would start soon and more people can get their hands on this new toy.

Stay tuned for the launch date.

Source/Fonte: Atomic Collective Blog

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