Wednesday, 11 January 2012

New TRP Scale Group Z Chassis

If you don't already know, Group Z Slot Cars are 1/28 Scale. Yes! You can use you Mini-Z Bodies :-)
Source/Fonte: TRP Scale


Alex said...

Hello Alexander, this is not a PN Slot chasis, now is TRPscale product.
Thank you to post this news on your blog. PN Slot is closed now. The design of PN slot chasis was from TRPscale (alex rubio) and now we are launching the V3 version with some new hop ups like the new Side adjustable support.
Thank you!

Alex Kyoshosan said...

Hi Alex,

Sorry my bad, I've updated the post. I'll be looking forward to get one myself.


Alex said...

No need say sorry. I'd like to say you thank you for your fantastic work.