Wednesday, 8 February 2012

61% of our Readers want a Cheaper Mini-Z!

Recently, we asked our readers what would take to make Mini-Z even more popular, the vast majority answered: a cheaper Car! IMHO a MR-02 EX, which is a great entry level car, should not cost more than $100 (w/transmitter). Another item that has been getting more and more expensive through the years is the Autoscale Bodies, costing as much as $50!! when they should not cost more than $30.

All across the Internet, we see discussions on Mini-Z Forums about this subject and everyday, more people is getting away from the Mini-Z because they simply cannot justify its cost when comparing w/ some larger scale cars. It is sad to see so many Mini-Z Collectors selling their collections on ebay, because they simply cannot keep up w/ the actual price increase to maintain their collections up to date.

Let's hope Kyosho is seeing this :-)


Zerofrost said...

Totally agree with you. especially the new Mini Z Buggy is almost USD280 in Malaysia when converted.

Adrian Bueno said...

I agree too. ASC bodies some years ago cost about 15€, now they cost about 35-40€ in Spain.

And new cars like 03 or awd is very expensive, because the car cost 120€, and kt18 transmitter about 70€. If you want a better one, the cheapest is ko ex5ur, about 150€...