Friday, 24 February 2012

Mini-Z Masters in Fellbach

Source/Fonte: Kyosho

The event is at the door and slowly increase the tension.

Many pilots have now been confirmed your start authorization. The exact list of confirmed riders may now be found here.

Now a few words about the event. As always, we go from a 2 day event. On Saturday, 03.03. there is opportunity for training and will run the Heats. Sunday is the finals and also the award reserved.

During the races there is always opportunity, even extensively our new Mini Z buggies as well as a world first, to test the Mini-Z motor bike.

The entire regulation is driven 100% similar to the Kyosho Mini Z regulations.
As timing, we will use the "lap counter" system of Robitronic.

The entry fee is EUR 15, - for the first class and jeweis EUR 5, - for each additional class.

It is worth noting as well that allow the standard class this year werden.Somit the engines we spent a maximum equal opportunities in our stock category.

We wish all participants good luck and a safe journey.

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