Sunday, 26 May 2013

Mini-Z Buggy Mod with Carbon Fiber Chassis

Source: Fan de Mini-Z

KATANA Carbon Chassis // Atomic
Front Diff free // Atomic
Rear Diff Adjustable // Atomic
Central Transmission Axe // PN Racing
Adjustable Shocks Kit // Atomic
Front and Rear Aluminum Dogbones // PN Racing
Front Bumper // Atomic
Carbon Shock Towers (Front and Rear) // Atomic
Aluminum Steering Bars
Sponge Tires
Accu Life


Unknown said...

C'est ma voiture huhu hihi héhé
Bye Gianni

Unknown said...

C'est ma voiture! Quel honneur !
Bye Gianni

Unknown said...

C'est mon buggy à moi !