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New Inferno MP9e TKI EP 4WD Kit

Source: Kyosho

INFERNO MP9e TKI Electric Powered 4WD KIT 1/8th Scale
The most successful chassis in history is now available in a brushless powered platform. The same MP9 TKI performance with the ease of EP power. Advanced components create a synergy of pure performance. With 7 World Championship victories, the most successful racing buggy that the world has ever seen has undergone its first full model change for the 21st Century. Everything down to the last ball-end has been recreated with the focus on maximum speed and performance in a completely new chassis and body development. Overall weight balance compliments the lightweight chassis that covers setting options for all inputs to lateral running characteristics.
Available: July 2013

New Features:
  • 7075 Aluminum Chassis
  • MP9 TKI3 Threaded Aluminum Shocks
  • Big Bore Light Blue Springs
  • MP9 TKI3 High Grade Ball Bearings
  • Aluminum Wing Stay Collar
  • MP9 TKI3 Light Weight Outdrives
  • Optional Hard Rear Suspension Holder (IFW407)
  • Optional Hard Rear Lower Suspension Shafts (IFW415)
  • Optional Aluminum Rear Hub Carriers (IFW414)
  • Machined Aluminum EZ Motor Mount (IF501)
  • 7075 Aluminum Suspension and Steering Plate
  • New Super Aiflow body (Clear, Unpainted)
  • Newly Designed Molded Center Plate
  • HD Universals Through Out.

Standard Features:
  • Ultra Low C.O.G - Ultra low center of gravity, lightweight and optimal weight balance all combine to deliver the ultimate racing weapon.
  • New Body Design - Newly developed body is slimmer and lower in height to realize aerodynamic characteristics for powerful down force and full inner cooling.
  • More Down Force - Bolted on large wing generates powerful down force. New ribbing at the back results in improved rigidity.
  • Composite Torque Rods - Roll center can be adjusted by changing the direction of the spacer inserted into the lower arm of the rear suspension. Also, the one-piece ball and washer ball-ends are an added maintenance feature.
  • Upright Servo - Servo is mounted upright for easy maintenance and is dropped 2mm to contribute to the lower center of gravity.
  • Extremely Light Weight - The smaller differential units on front and rear with grooved cup joints, aluminum balls and the flexing shape of resin parts effectively lightens the weight while giving the chassis rigidity, more durability and strength.
  • Wraparound Side Guards - Grooved face in side guard matches the thickness of velcro tape and prevents dirt getting inside the chassis. Complete wraparound side guards only found on Kyosho MP9.
  • Equipped With Mud Guards - Mud guards on the rear arm prevent dirt entering the drive shaft and getting inside the wheels.
  • We Have You Covered - 3 types of servo horns are included for various R/C systems (SANWA / KO / for JR, FUTABA and Hitech)
  • Hex Screws - Kit includes all hex screws enough said!
  • New Suspension Design - Newly developed suspension uses bushings for easy maintenance and rationalizes the setting order.
  • Optimal Race Settings - Fine tune for the optimal race setting with adjustments to wheelbase, track width, roll center, caster angle, toe angle and camber change.
  • EZ Motor Mount - The Inferno MP9e is equipped with Kyosho's own EZ gear mesh motor mount, all it takes is two simple screws and slide the whole motor till you get the perfect mesh.
  • Lightweight Universal Driveshafts - The new driveshafts feature a lightweight design and are made from durable steel. Installed at the front, center and rear of the drivetrain, all of the driveshafts feature a distinctive black finish.
  • Standard 17mm Hubs - Now you can use all standard 17 mmm wheels.
  • Full Ball Bearings - Full ball bearings throughout for maximum efficiency through the drive system.
  • Medium Rear Shock Tower - The MP9e is equipped with the latest components like the new Medium rear shock tower that helps out in difficult situations by giving you better handling in most conditions.
  • World Championship Quality - The suspension features double A-arms, which is the same type of suspension used on the world's most sophisticated performance machines. It's durable, so you have the confidence that it's going to hold up even under extreme conditions.

What is a KIT?
  • A KIT is a higher level vehicle that includes nearly everything you will need to build a rolling chassis. You will need to supply items like motor, esc, tires, wheels and radio equipment. Required items may vary from kit to kit so please see Required Items For Completion section for full list.

Kit Contents
  • Rolling Chassis (Kit)
  • Module 1 Steel Pinion Gear
  • Clear MP9e Body
  • Decals
  • Hex Wrenches (1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3mm)
  • 17mm Wheel Wrench

Required For Operation
  • 2-channel, 1-servo R/C System for cars
  • BL ESC (Brushless Speed Control)
  • BL 1/8th Scale Motor (Brushless Motor)
  • 6cell NiMh / 2s or 3s Lipo Battery Pack : Part #: PEK00530 (Li-Po Power 5400 45c (7.4v/Deans Plug)) Part #: PEK00544 (Powerflo Lipo 4000 30c (7.4v/Deans Plug) ) Part #: PEK00545 (Powerflo Lipo 5000 30c (7.4v/Deans Plug) ) Part #: PEK00546 (Powerflo Lipo 3500 30c (7.4v/Deans Plug) )
  • Battery Charger NiMh or Lipo
  • Batteries for transmitter (AA x8)
  • Wheels & Tires
  • Shock Oil
  • Paint
  • Glue

Technical Data:
  • Scale: 1/8th
  • Length: 490mm
  • Width: 307mm
  • Height: 180
  • Wheelbase: 325mm
  • Gear Ratio: 12.6:1
  • Weigh Approx: 3370g

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