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In Depth Review: TRP Scale Megane Trophy 2010

First, I'd like to start thanking my friends @ TRP Scale for this opportunity to review first hand their latest Mini-Z Body: the Megane Trophy V6 2010...
Source:TRP Scale & Kyoshosan

TRP Scale cars is located in Barcelona, Spain, and it is well known in the Mini-Z community by their performance driven bodies: Renault Megane Trophy 2004 and the Mosler MT900. According to them, being a small company, they need to focus on race ready bodies. The new Megane Trophy 2010 is no exception to this rule as we shall see in this post:

A new Body has to go through a series of steps before it is considered production ready.  Initially the new body is rendered in a CAD/CAM System where it will be defined:

Once the engineers are satisfied with the computer model, a model is produced using a technique called rapid-prototyping (3D Printing). This is how it looks like:

Once printed the body can be analyzed in the real world and have its measurements checked. In this stage, adjustments are made to better fit the body onto the car and to produce a mold:

The second stage, a ABS plastic body is produced, letting the test pilots (Uri valdé - world champion Mini-Z - David Moret World Champion) take it for a spin on the track. After these initial track testings, the drivers pass their impressions to the design team to fine tune any necessary adjustments. The plastic used in this stage is not the same as the production grade one.

If the body does not perform well on the track, it will suffer several modifications, until it does. The third stage, the body is produced in production quality ABS Plastic, with a real clear window:

The new Megane differs from the first one in many details. To begin with, the aerodynamics of the new body greatly improved over the previous model.

 It also has a longer wheelbase, 98mm in comparison to the 94mm from the older model:

Same wheelbase as the great Mosler body, used by so many pilots in races around the world:

It is a bit wider than the previous Megane:

  and slightly narrower than the Mosler:

The 2010 Megane is also a bit less taller than the 2004 Model:

But taller than the Mosler, to preserve the original proportion of both cars:

All 3 models side by side:

Like it previous sibling, the mirrors are made of rubber, allowing them to flex and bend before breaking when hitting the sides of the track, again the attention to performance on the track is being observed here :)

The new body also comes with several air intakes in the wheel arches, that allows enhanced cooling to the motor and better aerodynamics:

it also provides additional intakes that can be open according to the owner's preference, by cutting the window in special places, see below:

By cutting the spot #1 you can allow more air to enter through the hood of the body:

By cutting the spot #2 you can allow more air to enter through the air scoop on bonnet of the body:

Notice the beautiful rear diffuser:

Also worth mentioning are the lenses, that are very easy to install, thanks to its guiding pins:

 Rear Lens above, and Front lens below:

Initially, only the White Body will be available. Painted versions will follow: Renault Official Team (Pearl Yellow) and Team D. Enjalbert Colors.

I loved this new this new shell. The overall quality of the kit, the design and the air intakes, the focus on performance, will sure gain the minds and hears of racers across the globe. The new Megane has everything to be a top performer around any track.

The only thing I didn't like as much was the 4 Torx Screws used to hold the Wing and the read Diffuser to the Body. That can be catchy if you don't have the proper size on your toolbox.

Here are some more pictures:

I asked them why they chose the Renault Megane. According to them, they like French cars and they have a lot of respect for Renault's racing tradition over the years (Alpine, Renault 5 Turbo, Rallying...). They started working on this body in 2010 and as their other bodies, they are all fully licensed by the Manufacturer.

TRP Scale also told me that they are planning on holding a Renault World Cup this year. Most likely in Europe and maybe some countries in America and Asia. More news n that as they become available.

My next step will be painting it on "Kyoshosan" Colors, coming soon ;)

Technical Information
Wheel Base 98mm
Rear Offset W+3
Front Offset S+2
Weight 37gr

Parts Included
Main Body In
white Rear wing
Rear Deflector
Rubber Mirrors
Front and Rear Glass
Main Glass
Front support
“L” support
4 Torx Screws
Rims: Rear & Front
Manual: English/French/Spanish

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