Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The new Kyosho blizzard is the sweetest of all!

Source: Kyosho

The Blizzard SR (Search and Rescue ) is based on a completely revised version of the popular Blizzard chassis models. The model is pre-assembled and his two powerful 380-size motors transmit their driving force to the transmission block, each motor drives a chain side . The steering of the Blizzard SR is performed by speeding up or slowing down one of the two drive chains. For this, the model has been specially equipped with two speed controls . With this performance, the Blizzard SR can easily climb up slopes , push away snow or loose sand and drive over any obstacles. Also turns on the spot are quite simple.
The iReceiver control system and the iReceiver camera installed already completed in Blizzard SR iReadyset . This opens up completely new possibilities of control and perspective opens up . Because Blizzard is controlled by a smartphone, tablet or PDA and the camera can transmit a live image directly to your smartphone.
features• High performance controller unit• dust and snow proven chassis design• Extra protective cover for gearbox , motor and controller• High-performance KS- 101BK servo for the blade function• 2x 380er motors for easy handling and highest performance• Extra light and robust drive chains• Stererung via smartphone , tablet or PDA• contain iReceiver camera already assembled
Required accessories• smartphone, tablet or PDA ( requires iOS 7 / Android from 4.2.2)• 8 x NiMH Mignon / AA• Drive Battery 7.2V• Charger


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