Friday, 18 February 2011

Jerôme Aigoin Interview by Racing-Experience

Hello Jérôme  that's a nice victory. When did you start to think about winning ?
J. Aigoin : This was quite a long race, and I had a couple of incidents. When I heard Robert had a big crash 3 minutes from the end, I know I will win the race. Before that I didn't think about to keep focus on my driving.

Tyres wise, you didn't use so much the expected Grid Iron, why ?
J.Aigoin : After the second round, I started to think about sunday's race. This is why I tried long run tyres and I felt very confortable with City Beam (City front I-beam rear). In the A-main, I used a set of City Block Soft as the traction was pretty good at that time.

We expected some huge fuel mileage, but it sounds almost everybody was on 7'30 strategy. What about yourself ?
J.Aigoin : I had a bit more than 9' in the tank, but Montpellier track traction changes so much, I wanted to have a lot of room. When you loose traction, fuel economy is bad as tyres are spinning. I knew I would be fast, so I focus on driving fast without paying attention to save fuel. This wa snot bad wasn't it ?

Who is your bigest compétitor this year ?
J.Aigoin : There's a lot of fast guys, but I don't want to pay attention to that, I want to focus on my own and improve my speed, consistancy and tyres knowledge. That's what I'm focusing on.

It seems you shift to mure US based setup, did it change your driving style ?
J.Aigoin :  I use world Pattaya's kind of setup, which ask me to be a bit cooler with steering and off thrtottle corners, but it's pretty fast.... I like !

Any other coments ?
J.Aigoin : I'm not use to speak too much, I'm  more use to push hard on the track. 
Source/Fonte: Racing-Experience

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