Wednesday, 9 February 2011

New Kyosho Syncro KT-201 2.4Ghz Radio

Excellent control and user-friendly 2.4GHz stability!
Features a failsafe system in case of the unexpected!

Kyosho's unique 2.4GHz “Syncro KT-201/KR-200” transmitter and receiver incorporate additional functions and are designed for easy operation. Simply switch the power ON and the system is ready to use straight away. The stylish form of the transmitter features a built-in antenna and an ergonomic design for comfortable switch positioning and a large, high visibility LCD display. The Syncro is also energy efficient and uses only four AA-size alkaline batteries. Its precision balance and lightweight are ideal for endurance racing and help maintain concentration without becoming fatigued and also make it easy to activate required functions and settings. From fun-running to the intensity of serious racing, the new generation Syncro 2.4GHz will deliver a greater appreciation of your R/C model's performance.

  • Additional steering function
  • Additional throttle function
  • ABS brake function
  • 3rd-channel additional function <3-position switch / 0-120% offset for each position> functions compatible with all channels
  • Transmitter is equipped with charger jack
  • Compatible with European standard FHSS system (frequency hopping system) 2.4GHz system
  • The Up and Down buttons are in place for future updates and are currently none functioning.
Source/Fonte: Kyosho

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