Friday, 4 February 2011

New nVision Engine @ Nurnberg 2011

It's not everyday that we have a chance to see some new radical engine design. This nVision engine looks way too cool!

While not represented in their own booth directly, nVision, the engine brand that has signed up some major drivers including Yannick Aigoin, Martin Bayer, Daniel Vega, Mike Truhe & Matt Castellano, have some presence here at the toy fair through their new distributor Kyosho Germany. We've been waiting the Nürnberg Fair to get an official release and full internal shots of the engine line but we did talk to Adrien Bertin, the man charged with developing the CRF based engine, and we are now looking forward to seeing what the new brand can offer.
As you can see from the photos, the fuel enters the crankshaft as normal but is sent into the combustion chamber through the 4 holes on the crankshaft end plate. The ensures that the fuel is thrown directly up into the liner more efficiently, instead of being splashed off the back plate. We were also told that the NVB521R race spec is the only engine of the two to be announced to feature this new crankshaft.

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