Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Kyosho TF6 SP is now available!

Ultimate electric touring machine evolves for even greater performance! Flexibility and high durability combine to power through the most severe racing conditions!
Source: Kyosho Europe
This new SP version of the already dominant TF6 electric touring car has been enhanced even further for a razor sharp racing edge. While achieving ever faster racing speeds with more potent power sources, the TF6 has undergone a full renewal to perform with superior reliability under severe racing conditions on various surfaces from carpet to asphalt.

The chassis features a narrowed front/rear design and an upper deck that improves roll flexibility while maintaining optimal mechanical grip. The chassis is always primed and ready for power input and to meet this demand, ackerman has been optimized and steering range has been increased. More linear response to steering inputs provides the high degree of precision to satisfy expert drivers at the highest level.

In order to meet the loads of high power motors, the diff unit has been changed to a gear differential that can be adjusted with different oil settings to challenge faster times. In addition to setting options, the chassis also features greater impact resistance so you can emerge victorious in races of survival of the fittest.

The TF6 SP version is the fastest and toughest ever and podium finishes in stock races or major competitions are now within your grasp.

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