Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Mini-Z Buggy Track in Greece

It is ready since yesterday afternoon's the first official track exclusively made for the Mini-Z Buggy in our country. This track is one of the three (!) Located at the store RcXtreme Race Park in Spata.

The runway width is 98 cm and is made of gray carpet which gives the Mini-Z Buggy very good grip while jumping consist of a triple which is in long straight (8.5 m!), two single jumps and a corner "table" and the track obstacles add three transverse "bar" and a layer Raffles . All these obstacles and jumps make this track of 35sqm.

Highly technical and difficult and a challenge for fans of Mini-Z Buggy. An idea for the track you can get from the pictures below and visit the Mini-Z Buggy you will surely make you "stick" and not want to leave. The track for Mini-Z Buggy, as the track for Dnano will be available for FREE workouts until August 31. 

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