Saturday, 27 October 2012

How to Fit the Custom LM43 Lexan Body on dNaNo

Source: dnanosan
Specifications of reference
Chassis type: Type1 MM
 Front / Rear: ~ 8 / ~ 7
 Front mount: 601 recommended (Porsche 962C)
 Side Mount: 407 recommended (Motul Z)

1- Cut off the top of the side mount:

2- I put it to the chassis body, I cut slightly smaller than the final form the wheel arch. I'll finish the paint in stages so far:

3- I fixed the body and wings, etc. Shugu using the trapezoidal parts cut out. The adhesive side of the wing to cut into your favorite shape PET plate provided.

4- Using the supplied plate manufacture a wing stay:

5- Side aluminum rivets, front is used (both included in the kit) by bending a plate:

6- After tacking, such as a thick double-sided tape, secure, etc.

7- Completed and finished to final shape the foil arch!

* Article Translated from Japanese by Google translator.

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