Thursday, 18 October 2012

Monitor your Battery Charge from your iPhone!

Source: MiniZ Spécialistes
- Connect wirelessly with smartphones. (IPhone / Android supported by both)
- As part of the graph & full color display screen and smart phone.
- Can record battery data on smartphones.
- With different features, you can measure the performance of the battery.
- Box of charge / discharge AA / single 4 NiMH batteries at the same time.
- Load current (units of 100 mA) 200-2000 mA
- Discharge current (100 mA units) between 100 and 1000 MATOP-off
- 100mA load current
- Maintenance of current 10ma
- Discharge end voltage of 0.9 V
- Cycle time of charge / discharge 1-12
- Output 5/1 USB (can not be) ADimensions 104 x 48 x 154 mm
*translation made with online translator


Doug said...

Wow... I have to get one of theese! When will it be available? Where? How much? lol

Albert Susanto said...

this looks interesting. any price point?

Albert Susanto said...
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Mikotka said...

price? shop?

Mikotka said...

Price? Shop?

Mikotka said...

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